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Previous Entry Why I love rainy Saturdays Jul. 16th, 2011 @ 11:44 am Next Entry
I woke up this morning and realised that I was trapped in my house. This rain ain't going away today. This means that unless I starve, I am forced to live upon my wits and scour my fridge, freezer, and cupboards for food. That bulghur wheat  that I bought in a moment of fancy, the basil ice cubes that I prepared 'against a rainy day'. a chunk of blue cheese and three sweet potatoes that I bought mid week because a) I committed the cardinal sin of shopping when I was really hungry and b) I have never cooked sweet potatoes before and they kind of look like poop!

Challenge accepted! So, having just run to the shops to get some coke, wine and tobacco (What? I'm not a *caveman* after all) I now have some bread rising to make bacon butties, which will have a side of sweet potato wedges for lunch. I'm simmering a massive pot of spicy sweet potato and lentil soup for lunch next week. A lamb chop defrosting for dinner of lamb and couscous (which is where the fun of raiding the fridge really comes into play to flavour the couscous) And a spinach and tofu lasagne is just cooling down ready to be portioned up and frozen. All to a soundtrack of Titus Groan, Vanity Fair and Keltrix. I am resisting the urge to make a great big quiche, and am currently eyeing my tupperware situation to decide whether I would be able to accomodate minestrone soup if I made some.

This afternoon, playing with coke cans and my bird nest, while watching Torchwood perhaps. I might even treat myself to a Hamlet. Gosh, I love rainy Saturdays!
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