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About Copyright fraud and decapitated dancing squid - the internet at its best

Previous Entry Copyright fraud and decapitated dancing squid - the internet at its best Aug. 22nd, 2011 @ 06:22 pm Next Entry
This douche called Art4Love decided to steal a lot of prominent internet artists' work (including Marvel!) and sell it as his own - on the internet - with certificates of authenticity.This came out rather quickly, the site was hastily removed by said Lovedouche, and all external articles about Art4Love have been located by loyal fans and either pulled or severely edited (which may be a bit of an understatement)

Of course, my hero, the excellent  Ursula Vernon was one of the artists in question and explains on her blog that she would have  sighed and moved on except that he was offering certificates, he was making money off of her art! Of course Art4Love was untraceable, all phone numbers lead to a full answerphone, no emails worked. But then she noticed that A4L's site went to a paypal account for one Craig Pravda, who seemed equally uncontactable. Until, and this is where it gets funny, she noticed that he had a Google+ account. I am sure Craig is also a scumbag who knew what he was doing, but I can't help but hope he wasan innocent party. Anyway, there is but one post on his Google+. For those of you not on Google+ his post was about Odori don  - a dish in which squid with its head removed is drizzled in soy sauce making its tentacles 'dance'.

Poor Craig dips his toes into Google+, puts one amusing but slightly hooky video about zombie cepalapods with the caption 'Salad does not get fresher than this' and the next thing he knows he has a whole load of Very Angry fans leaving sentiments such as "I hope your family dies in a fire". Actually, now I say it, that's not funny, that is horrific. Anyway, Craig did respond to Ursula, and said that she didn't need to worry as they had already  sold all of the work. Worst line of defence. Ever.

Of course UV explains all this a lot better than I have but if I'd just linked to her I wouldn't have been able to link to any of the lovely pictures of hers.
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