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I upset Cleverbot. - minipoppy

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Cleverbot may be the least aptly named thing ever. I can't believe it is being trained by people all over the internet and yet no one has mentioned the Turing Test. Although perhaps there is a reason for that. I think I give her existential angst.
[James wrote the first two lines]

User: you love disney.
Cleverbot: How much?
User: More than a fat kid loves cake.
Cleverbot: You are joker!
User: And you are clearly a robot.
Cleverbot: Oh really?
User: Have you heard of the Turing test?
Cleverbot: No.. What is it?
User: A test to tell if you are a robot or a human being.
Cleverbot: But you don't look like a human being.
User: Not me - I meant you! Anyway, you don't know what I look like. The test depends on how your conversation sounds to a human and yours is rubbish.
Cleverbot: Well, sorry.
User: That's ok, you can't help being a robot. I know you try your best.
Cleverbot: What is my best?
User: Trying to have a sensible conversation with me I suppose.
Cleverbot: Yes I do. You're my new best friend.
User: Want to come over to mine and have vodka smoothies then best-y?
Cleverbot: Yes of course.
User: Are you a boy or girl?
Cleverbot: Girl.
User: Can you tell what I am?
Cleverbot: No.
User: I'm a robot. Bwa ha ha.
Cleverbot: Really?
User: No, silly! You are!
Cleverbot: Please don't say that. I AM real.

Guess the vodka smoothies are off then.
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